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We breed Coturnix quail. They are very productive birds that will lay eggs all year round if there is enough light. They are vary active and need to be kept in an enclosed run or aviary. They start laying their eggs at about 8 weeks old and continue laying for about 2 years. Eggs can be boiled and used in salads or a garnish for fine cuisine.

They are very easy to breed and are quieter than other birds. The incubation period is 15 days turning and 2 days not turning.

  • Day old quail £2.00
  • 2 week old quail £4.00
  • 4 week old quail £6.00
  • 8 week old female £10.00
  • 8 week old male £10.00
  • Hatching eggs £5.00 for 12  £5.95 postage

**please contact for availability**
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