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If you are looking to purchase chickens in the Surrey area, or around South London, then look no further than Surbiton Poultry – a small family run business offering the very best in hand reared chickens, for sale in Surrey and London areas, who are an experienced and reputable chicken breeder.

Choosing a good breeder to purchase your chickens from is vital. A quality bird will provide the best eggs, and make the most successful parent stock too. It will also remain healthy enough to fight off most common diseases they may come into contact with. A good breeder will ensure that every bird is cared for appropriately up until it is sold, being vaccinated and treated for any common diseases before any problems arise. They will also be completely honest about the health and wellbeing of the birds, any concerns, and they will be willing for you to contact them again after purchase if need be.

Some inferior breeders will focus solely on the appearance or the size of the bird when breeding and rearing, as opposed to the overall health. It is important to find a transparent professional who is upfront about all aspects of the chickens and their welfare, for your own sake as well as the birds. The chickens are the most important investment and asset from an entire chicken rearing venture, and so be sure to buy them from the right people.

Different breeds of chicken will suit different needs and purposes. Surbiton Poultry in Surrey breed and stock point of lay chickens, point of lay hybrids and rare breed poultry. They are a reputable chicken breeder offering chickens for sale in Surrey, London, Kent and Sussex, and are happy for customers to get in touch either by phone or email, or pop down and visit with any questions, or just to see what chickens are on offer.

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