Specialise in rare breed poultry and strive to produce the very best examples. Several of the breeds kept are listed as endangered by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. Stock a variety of Large Fowl and Bantams including popular breeds in several colours. Also stock five varieties of Hybrid birds, also pure breed Turkeys, Geese, Tamworth and Middle White pigs. Click Here


We are small family concern based in the middle of the Blackmore Vale in beautiful Dorest.
We have Hybrids Hens available all year round. We also have a range of Bure Breed large Fowl and Bantams, these are all subject to availability. Click Here


It has been a priveledge to work in the Poultry Department at the Central Veterinary Laboratory, Weybridge. Then as a veterinary assistant to Keith Gooderham, MRCVS within the Veterinary Department of Buxted Poultry Ltd. This allowed me unlimited access to all areas within the company and the development of procedures that stimulated my interest in database programmes.. Click Here


A wealth of information about poultry suppliers, books, links, chicken adverts, & a chicken forum. Click Here


The Smallholders Show, Ardingly is quite unique in the south of England, in that it aims to provide an enjoyable and fun day out for any family while still supplying products and information aimed at the small scale farmer.  Click Here


Woodlands Chickens

Woodlands Chickens Kent supply chickens, chicken houses, chicken coops and accessories to customers in Kent, Surrey and South London.Click Here


Mantel Farm

Mantel Farm is a family run garden farming shop in the heart of the East Sussex countryside selling poultry, beekeeping equipment, animal housing & runs, animalClick Here


JC Chicken Bristol

Over the years our passion has grown and we now supply chickens Bristol and ducks to people who are just starting out, or people who want to add to their flock. For people just starting out, we offer a starter kit which will set you up with everything you need to get going, including the hens! We also stock coops, feed, bedding, feeders and drinkers, wormers, red mite treatment and other health products as well as chicken treats and some novelty poultry gifts. In addition we offer a boarding service, so when you go on holiday your birds can too. Cockerels are also welcome to stay whilst you are away.Click Here

Una McFarlane Chicken Vet – 0208 3379166