Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Red

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The Rhode Island Reds are one of our most popular chickens for sale. They are friendly chickens with a good nature, are excellent egg layers and are good at foraging and free ranging. If provided with quality feed and excellent conditions, they will lay more eggs than the average hen.

Rhode Island Reds are friendly with familiar people, particularly those responsible for feeding. If raised properly they can be affectionate, and will happily walk alongside their owners, or follow them round the garden. For this reason they make good pets for children.

Rhode Island Reds can end up producing up to 250 large, light to dark brown eggs per year. When free ranged, their first year eggs can be too large to fit comfortably in a standard or medium egg carton. Nine hens can lay up to 6-7 eggs per day depending on their conditions of care and treatment.

Generally available from February until November. Please contact for availability
Phone for availability 07802827189 or 02083350836

Or Email us at: simon.surbitonpoultry@live.com

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